There are multiple reasons why You need to hire a Fine Arts Appraiser; from Selling to Gifting to Insurance Purpose and more… It is understandable to think you do NOT need one, when you are not looking to sell your Fine Arts; however, if you own one or several pieces of Fine Arts, then you definitely need an Appraisal.

Bradley Fine Art, Artist Joane Cromwell
Bradley Fine Art, Artist Joane Cromwell

Consider These 8 Reasons why an Appraisal is a Necessity:

1) Curiosity

Are you sure you purchased what you were told? Unfortunately, the answer is No….in some cases. We are not saying that anyone has purchased less than what they were told, But, we are saying you have to go off the Initial owner/seller’s word, which they may have done from the previous owner before them. Unless you know exactly what to look for then No you are not sure your purchase is what you think. For Example:

  • There have been instances where people on vacation, purchasing from a dealer, were told that the ‘piece’ they want is an Original Oil painting and decades or centuries old. What really happened was the one, who is selling the ‘piece’, Just printed it and signed the artist name on it; making this in NO way an Original Oil nor Decades old. Unfortunately, we, not you, have to worry about Fraudulent activities.
  • Or perhaps, you inherited artwork and believe it is only valuable because it has been in your family for generations; you may have seen it hung lovingly on your Grandmother’s wall. Think about this; that well-loved piece might be worth thousands and you are none the wiser unless you have an Appraisal done.
    Owning a piece of Art from generation to generation is ALWAYS a plus!

2) Divorce

This is the time where everything gets divided between the couple; including their Fine Arts. You need the Correct value on this in order to know how to split up your assets properly.

3) Estate Planning and Probate

As you or a loved one is preparing a Will then you need to know what is the Value on everything you own. If it comes to the point where an attorney and judge has to be involved, then they (especially the judge) will only go off the Value given by a licensed or accredited Appraiser.

This is where we come in as our Appraiser is accredited with the International Society of Appraisers. She has been in this Art world for over 60 years, and in the Appraisal business for 16 plus years!

“Coronado Appraisals was very professional to work with and did a comprehensive report, as was described in their proposal. ~ Barry, V.P., Wardell Builders Inc.”

4) Selling

In order to sell your artwork through an Auction house or Gallery, or any other third party, you will Have to have an Appraisal! Besides, it is important for you to get the proper Value on your Fine Arts.

Yes, a third party will take a fee in order to help you sell; however, the appraiser can tell you what the Value is and what to expect as you sell. We do not leave any Client in the dark!!

“Ninya is very pleasant, knowledgeable and full of integrity..  ~ Leilani, La Jolla, CA”

5) Charitable Gifting

If you are planning on gifting Fine Arts to a museum, school, or another individual, you must get this ‘piece’ appraised First. In order to have the Proper tax deduction you must know the Value; otherwise, the tax deduction will be based off what the organization chooses for you (the value they auctioned or sold the ‘piece ‘for).

6) Insurance Need

Don’t let yourself lose out by Not having your Fine Arts insured. If something happens to your artwork, then make sure you get the correct Reimbursement, and the Only way this is possible is to have an Appraisal previous to the incident!!

Our appraiser has worked in the Insurance field and knows this process inside and out. She is also appointed with all the major insurance companies licensed to operate in the state of California.

“It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you again. ~ Melanie an Insurance Claim (San Diego, CA)”

7) Insurance Claim

Ok, let’s say something happened to your artwork. The Insurance company will need to know the degree of Loss on your Fine Arts. Sometimes your artwork can be Repaired and other times you will be allowed to take a Total loss. You must have a current appraisal (after the Loss) for the insurance company to give you a check.

You’re in luck! Our Appraiser is also a Fine Art Restorer. (Check out our Restoration Page to see some of her work; click here.)

8) Timing (Provenance, History of the ‘Piece’)

It is easier to get the proper value when speaking to the Initial purchaser. Knowing the owner’s history with the ‘piece’ is incredibly valuable. If the initial owner is Not around, then make sure you have as much of the History of the ‘piece’, that you know, written down, or we will write it down for you. Your children and grandchildren should know the story behind your Fine Arts in order to know a part of their family history, and especially for updating the appraisal.

This History, the story of how it was purchased or by whom…etc., is important and can add Value to Not only your Family History but to the Fine Arts as well!!

“We reached out to various possible appraisers in the La Jolla area. After speaking with Ninya about our large collection, we were confident in our choice to hire her for the job. She was knowledgeable, personable, thorough, detailed and timely in her completion of the report for the 70+ pieces that needed to be appraised. After the job was done, there was water damage in the house and once again Ninya came to the rescue to make sure the statues were cleaned and restored without damage. You won’t be disappointed when you use her! ~ Ashlee L.”

It is exciting to know there are others out there who share a common interest with us regarding Fine Arts!! We encourage you to pass down this interest/love to your children and grandchildren. Fine Arts have been around for Centuries, if not since the beginning of time…. Let us NOT lose this important connection to the previous generations!

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