Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made a breakthrough in many fields of our Technology, hence it has added to certain aspects of our Economy. Even though AI has been growing at a rapid pace, there have been arguments on both sides on whether it is truly as intelligent as we have been told. We are not going to go into all aspects of AI, just what we have learned on how it affects or interacts with the Fine Arts World.


Did you know that anyone that purchases or subscribes to the AI apps, such as ChatGPT, can create Art? Technically the Artwork is created by both you, the individual, as well as AI, referred to as a Collaboration. You input what you want created then AI uses its algorithm to create the rest of the Art. The AI programs use high quality and vibrant colors to create this art.

A benefit to creating artwork with an AI program is the program continues to learn and grow, so you don’t have to.

An artist who creates their own artwork has the ability to control every aspect of how the artwork is created, such as: medium (oil, watercolor, mixed media, metal), what they use to apply the medium (canvas, board, a hanging apparatus), and more. These artists have the power to decide if they like every detail of their artwork and if not then they make the changes.

The downside to using the AI is you, the individual, do not have this power, this person must follow the rules of the AI program they are using.




In some circles, yes. AI art is being sold in many on-line locations. Some of these websites allow individuals who created art with an AI app to sell their artwork on their websites. These on-line sites may even include a Certificate of Identity and they may even only create one of that specific image. Artists who collaborated with AI are even showing their work in Art Galleries.

According to and Academy of Animated Art the highest-valued piece of AI art ever sold traditionally was bought for $432,000 at Christie’s. This art is titled: “Portrait of Edmond Belamy”. Christie’s mentioned that the AI used “an Algorithm defined by that algebraic formula with its many parentheses.”

However, by using the AI system, there will be many artist images that will be similar, this will lower the value of many AI artwork found on-line. AI art lacks originality due to the fact that it pulls from other sites in order to generate the artwork. Will it ever have the capacity to create art / images / ect on its own…without having to pull from anything??

Image Credits: Artnet News. A Vincent van Gogh-inspired Google Deep Dream painting.



AI is programmed to continue to learn and grow on its own. However, its parameters might not be telling it that it cannot just take from anywhere. This causes copyright infringement. A problem across all AI is the fact that it uses information that it shouldn’t, at least without first getting permission. There are a few AI companies being sued by artists because their AI failed to get this required authorization. Perhaps this is a difficult parameter for AI, telling it that it may not pull images from just anywhere. For example: we all have access to Wikipedia, a site that has a page for almost everything, including artists. You can look up Picasso and Wikipedia will have his biography, Exhibits, References, and images. These images, on this free website, are easy to copy and add to your computer. Copying these pictures is not the main problem, it is using them to Sell or create your own artwork, with the intent to Sell, this act is FRAUDULENT.


AI is not only creating Art it is Restoring it as well!!

The Algorithms used by AI are able analyze the existing part of the painting and generate plausible reconstruction for any parts that are missing. As with Photoshopping the AI programs are able to reduce the noise of an image; therefore, it can sharpen or make an image larger without losing the sharpness of an image.

As AI analyzes a painting, it can determine historical data and color patterns in order to figure out when the painting was created. Where AI cannot restore these older paintings from there it can give this information to the actual Conservator restore the painting correctly.


Is AI in the Artfield expected to Grow?

Yes, we believe so.  Even though currently it is purported that many artists do not like the AI being apart of the Art field. “Some allege that the AI learning process is theft. The programs are trained unethically using databases of art belonging to artists who have not given consent. Many people are debating ethical concerns: There is massive potential for AI to perpetuate biases and exploit or harm artists.” ~ Why Do So Many Artists Hate AI=Generated Art? Printkeg Blog

However, even with the negativity that surrounds AI, more and more up and coming artists are using AI to help create their artwork. This day in age Technology is abundant in everything we do that it is a natural segway into the Artfield. AI Art is continuing to experience exponential growth.