Have you ever had your house flood? Or perhaps your house caught on fire and our wonderful Firemen and Women were able to act quickly and save your home. However, now you have to deal with water, and/or fire and smoke damage. Who do You call? Your local Emergency Water and Fire Restoration companies. Once they get the call, day or night, they act quickly and soon are at your front door, dressed and ready to take action. They access the damaged areas and quickly start containing your home in order to stop any further damage that can be created by water, smoke, and more. What a sigh of relief as they take of some of that heavy burden off your shoulders.


This is our moment to stop and say Thank You to these companies, that without them, our houses would be covered in mold and mildew, and who’s paintings and other belongings would forever be ruined with smoke damage.

To Our Water and Fire Restoration Companies:
Thank You for your Quick Response and all you do in our Time of Need.

We, Coronado Appraisals, LLC, wanted to reach out to you with our Gratitude and with our Services. You may be wondering what we can do to help ease your work load: Well, let me enlighten you with what we can do for you:

  • Your Clients will need Appraisals on all their damaged Fine Arts. We can do this for you; we appraise paintings, bronzes, furs, firearms, all Southwest and Indian artifacts, including pottery, baskets, and rugs, we also appraise gems, jewelry, and some vintage and antique furniture. From all eras and any century.
  1. Not everyone has current appraisals on their Fine Arts. We know that in their time of crisis, your clients will need genuine, thorough, and fast acting help in all areas. Our appraiser has worked in the Insurance Industry for a total 19 years, in between her work of her first love ~ Fine Arts. Now we work alongside other insurance companies on a regular basis.
  2. If your clients do have current insurance, then wonderful; however, we can determine if the damaged Fine Arts can be restored and how much loss each ‘piece’ has and will have at the end of being restored.

Check out our Appraisal Page

  • We can restore the Artwork that has been damaged (if possible). Our appraiser has restored items with smoke damage and water damage. She is detailed and can complete this task in in decent amount of time (taking into consideration what type and how much damage the ‘piece’ has sustained).
  • Things that should be restored right away are the water damaged ‘pieces’. You know what kind of effects mildew has on objects and invades your client’s health. You have your wonderful fans that can dry most anything, preventing formation and growth. You know exactly what to do to get rid of mold and mildew, if already there.

Well, we know how to get rid of these problems as well, where Fine Arts are concerned. But, we have to act fast because mildew is harder to get rid of, almost next to impossible. If your client’s artwork is under glass then mildew will surely start to grow.

Our appraiser can also clean most any Fine Art (mentioned above). She can get rid of soiling of the ages and smoke. No task is too small or too large for her.

Check out our Restoration Page

I have had the pleasure of witnessing some of you work first hand. Your work is not pleasant, and yet you do it to the best of your ability. You help those, who are effected in these situations, to remain calm. You are vital to in these most trying of times. We APPLAUD your hard work and we hope to be of assistance to you on your future cases. Please call us at 619/929-6192 or email us at coronadoappraisalsllc@gmail.com.

Our motto is “We Bring You Truth”. If we feel something is beyond repair, we will inform you and hence not even try to do the restoration. We do not want to spend your client’s money when not necessary. We will never change the Fine Art from what the artist intended, rather repairing the damage without changing the ‘piece’.