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We are in our Golden Years, meaning we have paid our dues and now we get to put our money into something we only dreamed of ~ “Buying Fine Arts”. There are many issues involved in this process, such as what to buy, where to buy, how and where to hang it, and so on. I am sure you have your own system in place for this process, but I am here to perhaps enlighten a few details you may not know as of yet.

 Buying Fine Art

  • Buying your Fine Art on Vacation ~ Make sure your ‘piece’ is packed flat. You do not know for sure if the person who wraps your Art has had any training in this area, and you do not want any creases or damages to occur. If you must roll it up, then do so in the largest diameter tube possible.
  • Buying your Art Locally ~ Become informed on your Local Artist. Once you have found your favorite, then go meet him or her. Purchase as many of their Originals as possible. Having met the artist will increase the value of your Fine Arts ‘piece’, especially as this person becomes well known in your area.

What to Buy

  • Originals ~ An Original shows the brush strokes and is on Canvas or Masonite Board. (Most Common Type of Original and most valuable ~ 20 to 50 times as much as prints.)
  • Prints ~ Prints are signed and numbered… in pencil in the right, sometimes left, lower corner and by the artist. The smaller amount of editions of the print the better. This is far more valuable than a Poster.
  • Posters ~ Posters are for anywhere you would like to hang Art without worrying about damage… the bathroom, the sunroom, etc.

8 Reasons Why You Need an Appraisal

  •  Curiosity ~ Are you sure you purchased what you were told? There have been instances where you travel and buy from a dealer, one who just printed the ‘piece’ and signed the artist name on it, telling you the artist himself had signed it and it is decades old. Or perhaps, you inherited and believe it is only valuable because it has been in your family, but perhaps it is even more valuable than you initially thought.
  • Divorce and Probate ~ The Attorney will require a Fine Art Appraisal in order to divide up the ‘pieces’ between the parties.
  • Estate Planning and Selling ~ In order to know for what amount to sell; you must have an Appraisal. Most places that will help you sell will not move forward without one.
  • Gifting ~ If you are planning on gifting Fine Art to a museum, school, or another individual you must get this ‘piece’ appraised first. Let’s get you the proper tax deduction. The form #8283 will be needed for your Tax Deduction. There is a specific section that must be filled out by your Fine Art Appraiser. This form has to be filled out properly in order to get the proper tax deduction.
  • Insurance Need and Insurance Claim ~ Get reimbursed for the correct value and the only way possible is to get the Fine Art insured!
  • Timing ~ It is easier to get the proper value when speaking to the original purchaser. Knowing the owner’s history with the ‘piece’ is incredibly valuable.

Taking Your Own Photos

You can submit photographs of the piece(s), which you are planning to have appraised by e-mail. Keep in mind we highly recommend your photographs be done in a specific manner. Digital photos, unless done by a professional, invariably have reflections, shadows, or murkiness prohibiting a TRUE VIEW. Clarity is absolutely essential. I highly recommend that professionally done photographs are necessary.

  • Take the Art off the wall and place in front of a black backdrop.
  • Use the strongest light you can find; quartz lighting is good. But DO NOT allow that light to shine on your Fine Art for more than a few minutes at a time.
  • Take many overall photos, close-ups of the signature and the framing structure, front and back. Take photos of any notated information on the reverse of the Painting, Artifact or Carving.
  • If your painting is under glass, then have the light shining on your ‘piece’ from an angle; otherwise, there is sure to be a reflective glare.

Thanks for your thorough appraise services.

I appreciate your walking my son through the art world by informing him every step of the way. He was exposed to what you look at and how you research art pieces. I know he learned a lot while working with you as well as having the knowledge of how to protect (framing) and insuring his art. I appreciate all you did for us. ~ Best, Marilyn

Coronado Appraisals was very professional to work with and did a comprehensive report, as was described in their proposal. 

The delivery of the binder compiled information was easy to present review and except for our client. Wardell Builders is a custom construction home solutions provider, and to have an outside consultant the caliber of Coronado Appraisers to collaborate with, that prides itself with such high regard and privacy for the most discerning clients sets the bar high. I would recommend Coronado Appraisers for our clients future needs with no reservations. Thank you again for the valuable information delivered. All the best. ~ Barry, V.P., Wardell Builders Inc.

We reached out to various possible appraisers in the La Jolla area.

After speaking with Ninya about our large collection, we were confident in our choice to hire her for the job. She was knowledgeable, personable, thorough, detailed and timely in her completion of the report for the 70+ pieces that needed to be appraised. After the job was done, there was water damage in the house and once again Ninya came to the rescue to make sure the statues were cleaned and restored without damage. You won’t be disappointed when you use her! ~ Ashlee L.