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“One month ago I was looking for a fine art appraisal, and found Coronado Appraisals. Immediatelly contacted the place and Ninya Lee Greek the owner answer the call. After chatting with her about my piece of art Ninya answer my questions and dissolved my doubts about my fine piece.
Later after I read her curriculum and find that Ninya has variety of expertise on fine Arts, inmediately ask Ninya for an appointment.
After 3 weeks, now I have The Appraisal that I need for my piece of art. I am satisfied.
Ninya a woman of knowledge, ready wit and patience.” ~ Baltazar, San Diego, CA, 07/23

“It is always a pleasure dealing with you. Your professionalism and wide and varied capabilities are most refreshing. Especially these days. You are the exception to the norm.” Greg, San Diego, CA

“We are so pleased with Ninya’s work. She is so knowledgeable about insurance in addition to her extensive knowledge of fine art. Her appraisal was done efficiently and professionally. We couldn’t be happier!” David and Pamela, San Diego, CA

“Ninya is fantastic! Skilled, dedicated, efficient, and leaves no stone unturned. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to have their art appraised!” ~ Christa, San Diego

“You are incredibly knowledgeable in your field and I know I am working with the best.”
~Aaron, San Diego, CA

Your in-kind contribution helped us raise funds that will further our museum’s education programs and preserve the photos and artifacts that tell the unique stories of this special city. –  View Letter

~ Ms Janet F. – Executive Director, Coronado Historical Association and Ms Deborah B. – Board Member and Chair, Celebrating Coronado History Gala

Ninya is a blessing.  She’s very professional  and courteous and we were very pleased to have her appraise our items. She “enlightened”  us in so many ways with her knowledge and expertise.  I definitely recommend her services and you’ll know you’ve hired the right person!
~Michelle and Dennis, San Diego, CA

It was a joy to work with Ninya and Coronado Appraisals. I sought an appraisal and possible linen color change for a painting I’ve had for years. Ninya was professional, easy to reach and communicate with, and a true pleasure. My art is more handsome than ever thanks to her choice of linen color. Also the appraisal and change of linen came in sooner than promised; what a rare treat to find someone who honors their timeline. I highly recommend Coronado Appraisals.”
~ Neil C., Hillcrest CA

Coronado Appraisals was very professional to work with and did a comprehensive report, as was described in their proposal. The delivery of the binder compiled information was easy to present review and except for our client. Wardell Builders is a custom construction home solutions provider, and to have an outside consultant the caliber of Coronado Appraisers to collaborate with, that prides itself with such high regard and privacy for the most discerning clients sets the bar high. I would recommend Coronado Appraisers for our clients future needs with no reservations. Thank you again for the valuable information delivered.
All the best,
~ Barry, V.P., Wardell Builders Inc.

We reached out to various possible appraisers in the La Jolla area. After speaking with Ninya about our large collection, we were confident in our choice to hire her for the job. She was knowledgeable, personable, thorough, detailed and timely in her completion of the report for the 70+ pieces that needed to be appraised. After the job was done, there was water damage in the house and once again Ninya came to the rescue to make sure the statues were cleaned and restored without damage. You won’t be disappointed when you use her!
~ Ashlee L.

Thank you so much, I have to say, your business has the most amazing customer service, you all seem very excited and kind and helpful.
Tami (Escondido, CA)

Coronado Appraisal and Ninya are wonderful to work with. Ninya is very honest and open, and she does a thorough job in her research. She is easy to reach, and she calls back quickly if you don’t reach her in person. I would recommend Coronado Appraisals.
~ Jeff F.

Ninya is very pleasant, knowledgeable and full of integrity.  Thank you for helping my son Cody and me to decide what paintings were worth appraising.  We did not douth you for a minute.
~ Leilani, Canyon Park Apartments Manager (La Jolla, CA)

Thank you for providing your credentials via e-mail – I do believe that always helps! Thank you again for your amazing customer service.
~ Kelly @ Seagate Condominiums (Carlsbad, CA)

It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you again. I would love to throw some business your way.
Melanie an Insurance Claim (San Diego, CA)

I contacted Ninya to provide valuations for some pieces I inherited that had been in my family for years. There were precious few clues to work with, but Ninya researched and found the artists, and provided much appreciated background on the family art.
~ Ned P.

My husband and I are very pleased with the finished restoration of our piece. Ninya did a wonderful job. And she is a delight to work with.
~ Lynne and George

Thank you so much for the thorough research you did for my parents on the paintings in their home. This settled a long running family debate (in a good way). We all appreciate your expertise and diligence. I was a pleasure meeting you, and thanks for rearranging you schedule to meet with me while I was in town.
~ Cheers Malcolm Brown, Financial Planner, Ben Lomond, CA

I had the pleasure of having Ninya appraise 5 paintings belonging to our family and painted by my Great Great Grandfather early in the year. I wanted a value for them for insurance purposes. One of the paintings, a self-portrait had small holes and had been touched up (heaven forbid) by my father with a black permanent marker. Ninya was able to remove the blemishes and clean the canvas according to our agreed upon price. I do not plan to sell this self-portrait so therefore did not spend for complete restoration. Coronado Appraisals had extensive knowledge about the importance of appraisal and presented me with full documentation regarding my paintings and their fair market value should I decide to sell them. The cost of said appraisals was realistic with regard to the depth of research generally done. I am pleased to have done business with Ninya, she is efficient and shares my dedication to preservation of valuable works of art.
~ All my best, Nancye

Your service and professionalism are greatly appreciated. Thank you and best wishes for the future.
~Sincerely, Ray S.

Ninya, I am remiss for taking so long to let you know how much I appreciated your efforts obtaining an appraisal value for my photographic collection donated to the museum. I was happy with the amount of your appraisal, your diligence, your prompt responses to questions, and the reasonable amount charged for your services. Thank you for your guidance into unknown territory!
~ Bill D. (Salem, OR)

In the process of having an inherited lithograph re-framed properly, I was introduced to Ninya in order to have the piece appraised. She struck me immediately as someone who loved art and loved the process of appraising art. In our very first meeting, the information she gave me about the artist and the piece showed her breadth of knowledge which she then supplemented with the findings of her research at our second meeting. Ninya is nothing if not professional, thorough, and prompt–not to mention enthusiastic and spirited!
~ Betsy P. (Denver, CO)

Ninya, Thank you for your knowledge and your help. Your professionalism and promptness were greatly appreciated. We enjoyed and will continue to enjoy working with you.
~ Michelle W. (Parker, Colorado Springs)

Ninya provided a professional and timely appraisal of our varied art collection. Her knowledge and helpful information will be invaluable in the care and preservation of our items. It was enjoyable to work with her. Thanks Ninya!!
~ Ja’net S. (Parker, Colorado)

Last year Ninya gave me appraisals on a good number of framed art in my possession. Upon meeting Ninya I first adored her style and then was highly impressed with her knowledge, expertise and professionalism. The experience was a good one and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing the services of an appraiser.
~ Cathy D. (Wheat Ridge, CO)

Ninya, thank you so much for the appraisal work you did for us. It was very complete and professional and we appreciated how quickly it was completed. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you. We will be passing your name on to others who are in need of appraisals.
~ Terrie A. (Greeley)

I cannot recommend Ninya L. Greek more highly as a certified art appraiser! She has made this often “sticky” job a piece of cake for me, and I greatly appreciate her expertise! Ninya compiled a very professional documentation for me to present to my lawyer and financial advisor. I appreciate her willingness to come to my home, also. Ninya is prompt and sincere. I found her information on-line.
~ Carolyn G. (Denver, CO)

As an appraiser, Ninya is extremely competent and knowledgeable. Her work demonstrates an uncompromising attention to detail and diligence to her craft. It is a truly a joy to work with her.
~ Robert A. (Denver, CO)

Ninya, I wish you all the best. It looks like you are really making a name for your self. I love all the energy you are putting into becoming great at what you do. Love Aud
~ Audrey J. (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Ninya, is a Dynamite lady! Good at what ever she does. Her knowledge of not only Art is intriguing. I loved her book “Well Hung Art”. Fantastic Person, I would recommend her highly.
~ Joyce M. (Falcon, CO)

Ninya is not only a delightful person but also very knowledgeable regarding art. She has sold art for me and also for a cousin in Denver and we are both so happy to know her and value her expertise. I trust her advise and don’t doubt for a second her appraisal of artwork. This lady knows her stuff.
~ Sue B. (Reno, NV)

Nina is a beautiful and intelligent person. A true entrepreneur.
~ George P. (Anchorage, AK)

I met Ninya just as she was moving from Alaska years ago, and have always marveled at the way she still flies all the way back a few times a year and touches base with clients who still live here. She is a very very dedicated person- anyone would be at a strong advantage having Ninya working for them. Her knowledge of art is vast- an important resource in appraisal. I have, and will continue, to recommend her to anyone I know.
~ Jana L. (Anchorage, Alaska)

Contact Ms.Greek brings an impressive knowledge and dedication to her vocation. The expertise and professionalism she conveyed really put me at ease. I would highly recommend using Ninya’s services.
~ Sincerely, William H. (Vail, Colorado)

The services you have provided over the past five years have been appreciated. I am enjoying the artwork I have purchased from you as well as the many other items I have purchased. Your professionalism, dedication and interest in your clients is very evident and also appreciated.
~ Barbara P. (Anchorage, Alaska)

Knowledge is power. Through your hard work and diligence you have empowered us to make some decisions and put in place some long term planning regarding the value of some very specific images. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication for us in this endeavor. We now have an excellent contact in art valuation that we would not hesitate to recommend. Best to you!
~ Robert W. (Loveland, Colorado)

I am most happy to let you know how much I appreciated the prompt service you gave me in evaluating the two Renee Lalique vases that were given to me by my mother. I had no idea the smaller vase was worth so much! I enjoyed meeting you and very much value the prompt completion of the insurance appraisal.
~ Sue T. (Denver, Colorado)

Received the appraisal – well done and I will be presenting this to our Board.
~ Judy M (El Cajon, California)

We are very happy with your restoration of our Red Skelton oil. Thank you again.
~ Karen, Loveland, CO