It is Fall season once again! The changes, no matter how slight in our seasons, are wonderful and this time of year the change means Thanksgiving and Christmas are near. People do not always think of Fine Arts Appraisal or Restoration when they think of gifts; however, we would like you to hear our reasons why our services may make the perfect gift for someone you love:

Bradley Fine Art, Artist Joane Cromwell
Bradley Fine Art, Artist Joane Cromwell


Does your grandparent, parent, child, or any other family member own Fine Arts? Do you know if they have their artwork insured… the proper way? If not, then perhaps you can offer to pay for the first viewing appointment or possibly pay for the complete Appraisal? Either way, encourage your loved ones to get all their artwork appraised, or at least the ones an appraiser believes is worth doing.

No insurance company will reimburse artwork unless they have an Accredited Appraiser value on the ‘piece’. Yes, they will cover the cost of the frame and possibly the mat and canvas (if needed), but they cannot reimburse on a particular artist, such as Rembrandt or Picasso. There is no way for an Insurance agent to know if you owned a print or an original…this is not their expertise. However, they will be able to reimburse the proper amount if you have a completed Appraisal, which will have verified what you own. Let us help you and your loved ones properly cover their beloved artwork!! Note: artwork needs to be appraised every three years in order to be properly insured. Talk to your Insurance Agent about this.

Click HERE to learn more about Appraisals.


If you know someone who owns artwork that has been soiled or damaged over the years, then paying to have their Fine Arts restored may be the perfect gift. Perhaps their art has been in the family for generations, or it is something they love? How happy would they be if they were able to see the art as it is meant to look; as the artist intended?

Our Restorer cleaned this century old oil painting and repaired the anomalies one can see at the sleeve and breast area. Click HERE to see more on Restoration.


Gifting the No Longer Loved Art: We believe, 100%, Buy or Keep Fine Arts because you love it. You are the one who has to live with it hanging on your walls. But, what if you No Longer Love your Fine Art? Do you cringe at it when you walk by, or perhaps you are currently storing it; somewhere safe, upright, and in a room, that is temperature controlled?

Instead of storing artwork, or allowing it to become something you hate, then why not give to someone who would hang and enjoy it; whether for a couple’s wedding gift, a birthday present, or……..… a Christmas present. Click Here to Learn about other ways you can Gift Art and get a Tax Break.