If you are like us then you are still shopping for gifts to give your loved ones. We know how difficult it is finding that perfect gift for someone who has everything. You can give them more jewelry, gift cards. clothes…… but don’t they already have those? Why not be extra unique this year? We can help with this in two different ways:

First, find out if the loved one, you are shopping for, owns Fine Art; whether it is paintings, bronzes, furs, artifacts, antiques, jewelry…. If they do then give them the GIFT of a Fine Arts Appraisal.

An appraisal is needed for proper Insurance Coverage (this is a must if your loved one is keeping the art), whether they eventually want to Sell or Gift, or perhaps eventually they will pass along their Fine Arts as an Heirloom.  No matter the reason if the art is valuable then an appraisal is surely needed. If you call in, 619/929-6192, we can discuss pricing and our appraisal process, then we can make plans to meet and see the art, or you can **pay us the amount you want to go towards the First Viewing or the whole Appraisal. Then have the Fine Arts owner call and schedule the appointment.

The second way we can help you is to Clean or Restore the Fine Arts. We can clean soiling and smoke damage plus we can restore almost anything ~ Make it look as the artist intended, perhaps how your loved one had first seen their beloved artwork.  Again, call us, 619/929-6192, in regards to pricing, you can **pay us the amount you want to go towards the Restoration.

We highly recommend either of these services as a Christmas Gift. Your loved one may not realize how beneficial it is to have their artwork appraised or even restored. Check out our Restoration page and see some of the work our restorer has completed: Fine Arts Restoration. If you are interested in giving this unique and fabulous gift to someone you love, then let us know. We can answer any questions you may  have and go over pricing. If you move forward with us, then we will send you, via mail or email, a Gift Certificate in the amount you request / pay, along with a receipt and our brochure and other information.

**When you call in, specify you may want to give the Gift of an Appraisal or Restoration. We will discuss pricing with you at this time. We do charge a small fee for the Viewing appointment; however, if the Full appraisal is requested then we waive the Viewing Fee and only charge the agreed upon amount. Please note, we have to see the Fine Arts in the real before we can decide if a Full appraisal is needed. We do not want to spend your money if it is not necessary, after all our motto is “We Bring You Truth”.

Office Phone: 619-929-6192

You can email us at: coronadoappraisalsllc@gmail.com