Trust your own instincts. This is a motto we live by. Why buy a ‘piece’ of art that you do not love? Let us get you away from thinking you should only buy ‘popular’ art, or what others say is the best art to put in your home. No, if you want to buy artwork for your home then it should Speak to you, Touch your soul, Match your style.

Bradley Fine Art, Artist Joane Cromwell
Bradley Fine Art, Artist Joane Cromwell


You may have a renewed respect for what you already know about this Art world,
or should I say your Art world?

Just like food you have developed a taste for certain Fine Arts.

Think a second; did anyone have to teach you what foods to like? No… you liked some and disliked others. And it matters just that much. Only you can decide what you like. Your parents probably exposed you to a lot of different foods when you were younger…and perhaps a lot of different types of Fine Arts, from museums and Art galleries to Art shows. Or, perchance, not at all; at the other end of the spectrum. But, you were exposed automatically to a great deal of Art: All those magazine ads, bus ads, billboards, TV ads. This is all Art. Not to mention Graffiti. Art surrounds us! All of this, even graffiti, influences our tastes. When you walk into a Gallery you get to decide (and it is truly a subconscious thing).. what do you like? Oh, yes, and not just like but, what is it that you cannot walk out of there without. Remember, you are right….for you. And there is nothing more personal in the world than your choice of Art.

Buying Fine Art for You

This is not an arbitrary decision. Maybe, you are buying for a specific room in your house. If not, then I applaud you! First Rule of choosing art: Purchase it because it speaks to your heart!! It may not match any room in particular, and you may have to re-do a whole room to hang it..”in just the right way”. But, you know, that is what Great Art is all about. We buy because we want to gaze at it, we want to make sure it is close by all the time. This ‘piece’ inspired, delighted, or educated you, whatever the reason… it touched your soul. Do not let that feeling slip by you, reach out and embrace it.


My point for this month is this… Don’t go and buy Fine Art for anyone else but you. No one else will have to live with it, other than your immediate family. However, most of them will move out of the house and your husband or wife, well when they find the artwork they love then you can encourage them to buy it and together you can find a place in the home that will fit their piece, wonderfully… another subject for another day.