Finding an Art Appraiser, that you feel is perfect for you and your Fine Arts, can sometimes be a struggle. Let’s face it, there is not an Art Appraiser on every corner. You have to do your research, make phone calls, and possibly schedule the first viewing appointment before you can decide if this person is right for the job.

Once you have completed the first step, you may be eager to see if what you own is worth getting appraised. I have had people, before they became my clients, want to send me photographs of their Fine Arts, hoping that I can view the photographs and decide right then and there if we should move forward. Let me warn you, there is NO way a professional Art Appraiser can appraise anything by simply viewing a photograph. We have to see it in the REAL. A photograph will not do your Fine Art justice. We must be able to get a close up view of the signature, the brush strokes, the frame, and anything that is written on the back, including labels.

However, if a client wants to send me a photograph, in order for me to get the feel of what they own, then I would be happy to take a look. You can submit photographs of the piece/s to me by email at Keep in mind we highly recommend your photographs be done in this specific manner. Digital photos, unless done by a professional, invariably have reflections, shadows, or murkiness prohibiting a True View. Clarity is absolutely essential.

The following are the steps you should take when shooting the photos you will send to me or any appraiser:

  1. Take the Art off the wall and place in front of a black backdrop.
  2. Use the strongest light you can find; quartz lighting is good. But DO NOT allow that light to shine on your Fine Art for more than a few minutes at a time.
  3. If your painting is under glass, then have the light shining on your piece from an angle; otherwise, there is sure to be a glare.
  4. Take many overall photos, close-ups of the signature and the framing structure, front and back.
  5. Take photos of any notated information on the reverse of the Painting, Artifact or Carving.


NO appraisal can be done just by emailing me photographs!

I have to see what you own in person and under proper lighting. It is heavily suggested that you have a professional take your photographs, if you are eventually going to sell your Art. Good photos are mandatory for your website, or whatever means you plan to use for selling.