Summer has officially begun, which means 2017 is half way over! We here at Coronado Appraisals, LLC, have been having a wonderful year, as we have been able to help our clients get their Fine Arts Appraised and/or Restored. It is such a good feeling to Bring our clients the Truth about their beloved Artwork. It is also wonderful to hear back from previous clients!

“Ninya Greek researched and appraised a tapestry which had been in my family for generations. She was extremely professional, informed and competent. The tapestry dated to 1680. so she had a quantity of research to accomplish. She did an excellent job, continually informing us of her progress. She even cleaned, mended, and mounted the tapestry. An artifact once destined for the trash bin is now framed and hung with pride. Thank you, Ninya for all your hard work”. ~ Mary Ann T.

We are honored to have received such a glorious comment. Our blog this month includes information on how the value of Fine Arts can change in an instant. It also includes information on when and how to frame your possessions. We hope to help increase your knowledge on your Art and Artifacts.


When someone asks your advice on what Fine Art they should buy……

Do not let anyone overly influence the Buyer on what to purchase. Even if the Artist is on the rise. We know this is nice to hear when purchasing Art, one tends to think “It is valuable….. let’s jump on this and ride up with the Fame of the Artist”.

But it is the Buyer who has to live with this ‘piece’ for the next 20 to 30 years. Make sure the Buyer loves the Art. If it is not loved, then it becomes easier to give it away or sell it, because, lets face it, it becomes something that the owner no longer wants to look at. But think about this, If the Fine Art starts being hated, then the owner is tempted to get rid of it, but the value of this ‘piece’ may increase over night. The Artist’s agent may promote properly, causing a sudden boom in the market, or perhaps the Artist passes away, which tends to always increase value, then the owner of that Artwork, the one who just gave it away, now loses out on that increased value. What a bummer that would be!

Encourage others to buy what they love, you can never be 100% sure about the Artist and the financial value of their artwork over the next 10 years as it may increase or decrease at a whim. This Art world is Ever changing. ~ “Well Hung Art” by Ninya Lee Greek (Section I Page 9)


Time to Frame New Art

The Art has been purchased! The next step is to decide where to hang it. Yes, even if it is not framed. The framing should come after. Find a framer and have him or her attach an adhesive hanging device on the back of the Fine Art, assuming it hangs on the wall. Check with the framer on the best way to go. Now, take home your Fabulous New Artwork and figure out in which room and what wall on which you would like to hang it. Once the decision is made, go back to your framer, who will then customize the mat and the molding to fit that chosen area of your home. ~ “Well Hung Art” by Ninya Lee Greek (Section II Page 13)

These are two steps in the buying and hanging process; there are other steps as well, such as proper lighting. If you come across someone that is truly interested in all the steps, which can be fun and fascinating, then have them contact us, 619/929-6192.

The book, used in this blog, can be purchased by calling us as well or at our many referring galleries. The last step, the one where Ninya comes in, is lets get the Fine Art insured. To be properly insured, one must have their Art Collection appraised. We would love to help and we promise to always bring You or your Referral the absolute Truth.