Our company prides itself on our Knowledge of Fine Arts, received through many years of schooling and training; Thoroughness of our research, as we leave no stone unturned; and our Professional and Complete Appraisal and Restoration.

However, we do not believe we have reached our potential goal. No, we believe that in order to be the best, one always needs to grasp for new knowledge and to recognize and fix their weaknesses’.  What we do here at Coronado Appraisals, LLC is set New Goals; each time one is reached we have another already to put in its place.

Well you may be wondering where You, our client, fit in to our goals?

You are our number Goal! We look at every prospect and every client as our priority. Without You, we would not be around today. And.. without You Fine Arts would no longer be loved and cherished. We believe how you feel about us and your artwork is important and we strive to make sure that our passion for this work and our Respect for you radiates through our every move.

We focus on every demographic in our Marketing as each and every Fine Arts owner is valuable to us. However, this month we are re-dedicating to our 55+ group. After all we are in our Golden Years. Now, is our time to go on vacations and to buy what we love most ~ Fine Arts!

We have created a page just for you. A page of encouragement and detailed information that you may not know as of yet. We encourage you to check out this page. If you would like to meet us and possibly use our services we would be delighted to be useful to you, call us at 619/929-6192.