NOOOOO!! This was probably the only word he heard reverberating in his head as he came crashing down, bringing his brand-new antique clock and…….an Original Marc Chagall painting with him.

For years this gentleman sought out artwork created by the masters; i.e. Picasso, Chagall, and many others. Why not, he had the money and was a knowledgeable Fine Arts collector. He is a wonderful client, gentle and kind, loves adventure. Yet, he never thought he could ruin several hundred thousand worth of art in just one horrendous second. His artwork hung, properly, on the walls of his home for many years without incident.

Even though he “totaled” only 1 painting, along with his wrist, he found himself with more than a half million-dollar loss!!! However, did we mention he was smart? Of course, he is, he hired us, right? 😉 Well, he made sure his ENTIRE Fine Arts Collection was insured. He understood that when something goes wrong you are not able to choose which piece of art is stolen, broken, or burned.

Therefore, in his time of pain and loss, all he needed to do was call us, his Loyal and Trusted Fine Arts Appraiser and Company. We were able to access the damage, which unfortunately in this case it was a 100% loss. As our Appraiser is qualified, which is a must when it comes to Insurance Need or Loss, our client’s insurance agent was able to accept and respect Coronado Appraisals’ decision.  Everything went smoothly after that.

We understand that a Full Fine Arts Appraisal can be somewhat costly; however, YOU and your Artwork are important to us. We would be happy to provide you with an Inventory page/ Spread Sheet only, on your Fine Arts in your home. This does not give you exact value; however, it will suffice, initially,  if something happens. Plus, it is less costly than a complete Appraisal.

We ask you to take a Moment and Consider how easy it is to have something wrong happen to your beloved Fine Arts. Right now, or we should say…yet again, our California neighbors are looking at another fire season. We can help you prepare just in case this, or any other disasters, happen to you. If your entire home goes up in flames, or when unexpected accidents occur, let’s make sure your Insurance company will reimburse you for your valuable possessions. Let’s take one load off your back, because in trying times, possessions are the least of your worries. To our Fire Fighters and First Responders ~ We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for your tireless effort to keep us and our homes safe!!