So, you have come to the conclusion that you must have a Credited Fine Arts Appraiser to appraiser your artwork; otherwise your Insurance agent, a Judge, the IRS, etc will most likely  Not accept the values you bring to the table.

Your Next Step? Finding the right appraiser for you. There are not many of us in the greater San Diego area, which probably makes your decision that much harder, but for the few of us here…how do you know which one is the right one for you? Well let’s figure out what you’re looking for: 20170831_125238

  1. Do you have multiple pieces of art? If so, you need an appraiser that will come to you.
  2. Are you wanting to get your artwork insured? If so, you need an appraiser that knows what Insurance companies want, the correct verbiage….
  3. Perhaps you are wanting to sell the artwork? Do you want an appraiser that is willing to help you sell or possibly buy from you? Maybe, that would make your life easier; however, will they inflate the value for the Selling purposes or perhaps they will deflate the value as they want to buy your artwork? In this case you need to trust your appraiser and / or find one that does not get involved with either of these processes, except for pointing you in the right direction of someone who can.                                                                                                                                                   There are other factors to consider as well, but lets get you to know our appraiser, Ninya Lee Greek. (We can answer your questions when you call in. 619/929-6192)

NinSince she was a young girl, she has made Art her passion. She studied, and eventually trained under some of the great masters of this time, learning everything she possibly could about Fine Arts. Her training continues to this day as she recognizes there will always be new styles, schools, forms of art, as well as and new artists.

Ninya was a single mother who had to be able to support herself and her two children; therefore, she put appraising art on hold, and went in the Insurance Business for 19 years. This gives her expertise in what Insurance Agents require in the Appraisal. **2

Ninya’s many years of school and training increased her expertise in all Types of mediums, from all Eras, and in any Century. Her additional specialties include: Sculptures, Bronzes, Sterling Silver, Gems and Jewelry, Furs, Ceramic Porcelains, some antiques, and most recently, Firearms, Coins, and Stamps, plus Vintage books.  She can also appraise artifacts, especially from the Southwest area and specific tribal territories.

Not only is Ninya highly experienced in all that is art, but she is willing to come to you, your location, whether it being a rental unit, a Storage Unit, or your Home. We want to make sure we help keep your art protected, and if you move an entire collection then damage is possible. However, if you do have only a couple pieces and prefer to come to us, we have three offices: one in North County, one in Coronado, and one in Kearny Mesa.  We would be happy to assist You **1


Give us a call at 619/929-6192 or if you prefer, email us at