Fine Arts is a fantastic world! This is a place where we can see new and inventive ideas; on canvas, rice paper, cardboard, wood, bronze…. And the list goes on. When finished, the artwork becomes a vision of life, beauty, fantasy, and more. In today’s age we can look outside our window and see some form of Art. I can feel the excitement just speaking about it.


If you are getting excited to grow your Fine Arts collection there is so very much to decide. What kind of Art are you drawn to the most? Where will you place or hang the ‘piece’? You have your oil painting, but now you need to frame it; where do you go? How much will everything cost when complete? How do you start the selling process?……

Well, here is our secret… We do it ALL! From Appraisals to Restoration… From Framers to Photographs. Sit back, breathe, and let me tell you a little about the services we provide:

  1. Fine Art Appraisal ~ This is one of the main services that we provide with professionalism and care. Our Appraiser is not only licensed and accredited, she also completes her Continuing Education every year in order to provide the most in professionalism, and more.  She even studied “from the masters” in Italy, briefly, this undeniably shows her love of this Fine Art world.
“Insurance need/claim, Curiosity, Selling purposes, Divorce action, Probate, Estate Planning… reasons why you NEED a Fine Art Appraisal”

  1. Fine Art Restoration ~ Our very own Appraiser can Restore Fine Arts as well; from bronzes to Oil Paintings and more ~ From any Nation and any Century. She can clean and/or repair. Ninya takes great care in her restorations. It soothes her to put something back to what the artist intended. In no way does she suggest changing from the artist’s intent.  Very carefully, she corrects damage.
“ Sometimes, it is in your best interest to consider restoring a piece…. One does not add to the item, in any way. That is blasphemy to change or add to the Artist’s work. We, as professionals, are charged with returning the item to as close as possible to the Original (when new) state.”

  1. Framer ~ We have a fabulous framer on retainer. He works wonders with repairing the molding, adding glass(glazing), or providing you with a new frame. This is a cost included in your quote. You will know what and when you would pay for it. We also have a few Framers in San Diego and North County, whom we trust and would love to send them business while making you, our client, happy with the end results. The right Framer is important!
“Never, Never allow the framing to over-power the image. Enhance, but do not compete with the image. Whatever color is the predominant background color, use that as your outer mat… But 25% LIGHTER IN COLOR VALUE, THAN THE IMAGE. Close your Eyes, open for 10 seconds, close again. If you saw the mats before you saw the image: it’s wrong!!”

  1. Photographs ~ We take photographs of all your Fine Art that you would like appraised. We carefully print the ones we feel are pertinent to your case, and add to your portfolio. These can be used for your insurance needs, curiosity, etc. However, these photographs will NOT be enough for your Gallery, or whatever other place you go with in order to sell your Fine Arts. They will require sharper and specific images of your Fine Arts. We can provide this service as well. This is a separate charge from your appraisal and the photos that come with it; however, as you are our client we will give you our best price.
“The photos of your Fine Arts are a problem…. and should be produced by a professional. Someone brought along by the appraiser is trained for this. The photos have to be an extreme close-up view: Close enough to allow the authentication of the signature.….this is the time to allow the professional to do his best, and you stand back and watch. This is not a good use of your time over your money.”

I hope that as your read our blogs you are able to learn something new, whether it is in regards to Fine Arts themselves, or it helps you in making a decision on who is the right appraiser/restorer for you!

References: “Well Hung Art” by Ninya Lee Greek.  © 2010 Estate Appraisals Associates