As we become adults, we start to realize the responsibilities placed on us from many different directions. These responsibilities grow along with us as we get promoted, marry, have children, etc. Then we start realizing the importance of planning for the future. We can do this through many different areas such as 401K, investments and other financial securities.


The problem for the majority of us is we do not know where to start. If we have the financial means, we could hire a Financial Planner; someone who can guide us to a better path to our retirement years. Other than that, it takes an enormous amount of research to see what the best options of Investments can be. We have completed some research on this subject and have provided the information below.


However, in today’s Economy, we are suffering from galloping Inflation. According to “Inflation is at its biggest increase in the last 40 years, a 7.5% increase”. It most likely will continue to grow before we start seeing another decrease. This poses a problem to our Financial Stability for the Future. Our appraiser was, at one time, a Financial Planner, which gives her an edge to the appraisal process. She is No longer a Financial Planner, but, due to our research and past knowledge we can point you in one direction: Have you considered Purchasing Fine Arts as a Hedge Against Inflation?


Historically Art has been one of the best hedges against inflation. ( Let us give you some pointers on why this could be an option for you:

  • This avenue is less volatile as an investment.
  • Owning artwork is a long-term investment.
  • It has a positive return in gains long after the economy debacle has begun and ended.


After our own research we have concluded that a Diverse Portfolio has advantages when it comes to generating revenue for long term investments. However, when you Invest in Fine Arts you need to have it authenticated and researched by an accredited and professional Fine Arts Appraiser. This is a MUST:

  • This will stop you from purchasing or selling artwork that may be fraudulent. Even a mediocre artist can easily copy the signature of well-known or well selling artists. It takes a professional eye and someone who has access to the right websites to see this type of fraud.
  • An appraiser will give you the Market Value on each piece of Fine Arts you have appraised.
  • If you want to Sell your Art or Insure it, then we highly recommend you have the artwork appraised. It has to be done by an accredited Appraiser; as esteemed and professional galleries, museums, and buyers will require a complete appraisal report. If you are looking into Estate Planning, Divorce, or any other legal avenue that solves disputes or other legalities in regard to your household artwork, then legally you will have to have a Fine Arts Appraisal Report provided by an accredited appraiser. Some appraisers, including our esteemed appraiser, Ninya Lee Greek, are members of Forensic Expert Witness Association.  You do not have to have an appraiser that is a member of this organization for court process, but it is always a benefit.


Your Fine Arts, without a doubt, will increase along with inflation. As long as you use an accredited appraiser to consult with pre-purchase, you should have a great investment with whatever art you decide to purchase. For those of you who own Fine Arts, NOW may be the perfect time to sell. Give us a call to learn more about the Appraisal Process, 619/929-6192. Or email us at 



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