It is that time of year to start preparing for that much awaited vacation! If you are an Art lover, as I am, you might try to buy Fine Art while traveling. After all it is exciting to be able to take home Art that portrays the city or town you visited and thought it was perfect. Perfect, I say buy Art because you love it and have to have it! However, there are a few things to consider when trying to get it home:

Packaging The ‘Piece’

  • Never forget self-interest on the retailer selling to you. The minute he realizes he is not going to frame the ‘piece’ and you are not likely to be a repeat buyer, his interest in packaging your Art properly may drop.
  • Consider who is packing your Art.  Is it someone who has had professional training in this area? Maybe but maybe not. You are the one who fell in love with the ‘piece’ so much you bought it on vacation. Make sure you follow these steps when having it packaged:
    ⇒ Have your Art packed flat. A great deal of damage can be done, by in-expert hands, rolling your Poster or Print.
    ⇒ If the dealer/retailer refuses to pack your ‘piece’ this way, or you want to take it on the plane, then your other option is to buy a tube ~ the larger in diameter the better. (Do not take a chance on the creases that inevitable appear when it is rolled badly.)

Framing the ‘Piece’

  • Keep in mind if it is worth buying, then it is surely worth framing and framing right away!
  • Perhaps you bought a Poster or a Print, for what you believe is not much money; you bought it to remind you of your vacation and/or a specific place on vacation; therefore, you decide it is not worth putting money into the framing. Don’t think this way. How about you did not put much money into the ‘piece’ so now you have a larger budget to frame it?
  • If you love it then Frame it. It will matter to you when you place it in your home.
  • Now, that you have decided to frame it take it to your Framer. Have them put an adhesive ‘piece’ on the back. Take it home and figure out in which room you will lovingly hang it. Then take it back to your framer with the fine details of the room, including, colors, placement, and so on… Then have them customize the frame for you.
  •  When you have hung up the Framed Art, then you will be forever happy you did it.


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“Well Hung Art” by Ninya Lee Greek
SectionVII page 62