Fine Arts Appraisal and stamped Valuations are available throughout San Diego County. If you do not have a current documented, stamped and filed Appraisal of your Fine Art, you very likely will NOT be reimbursed full value from your insurance carrier in the event of loss due to fire, smoke damage, or criminal activity. Documented Appraisals on Fine Art holdings can be crucial in the event of DIVORCE ACTION, estate planning, PROBATE court requirements, fair legacy asset designation, and to prevent inheritor disputes under your will.

Ninya Lee Greek spent 18 years as an insurance agent and Licensed Financial Planner, before coming back to her first love, the ART industry. She will come to your home or office for the initial review of your Art collection. Please feel free to call for an estimate of charges. The cost will be minor indeed, should you suffer a loss.

Ninya Lee Greek has extensive education and professional experience in the Art Industry:     

  • William and Mary College, extension division in Norfolk, Virginia
  • Winona State College at Winona, Minnesota
  • University of Missouri at Columbia, MO
  • Juneau Douglas Museum studying Tlinget Haida culture, art and artifacts
  • 154 credit hours toward a Masters Degree in Fine Arts
  • Chouinard Art School in Los Angeles (now California Institute of the Arts located in Valencia, CA)

Thanks to her eclectic education and background including recognition and transliteration of ancient, medieval, and modern languages, by individuals on staff, and given her buying and art market experience around the word, Ninya Lee Greek is equipped to view, identify, and evaluate an extensive range of Fine Arts, worldwide: Any Nation, Any Century.

  • Gallery owner for 18 years in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Gallery Acquisition travel for recognition and authenticity study of Native Art and Artifacts in Alaska, and Northwest continental US.
  • Since 2005 a full time appraiser with offices in Coronado & El Cajon in the San Diego Area, plus referring Galleries in most parts of San Diego County.
  • Continuous study at Santa Fe, New Mexico for the last eight years, while residing in Denver, CO.
  • Continuous study in Naperville (Chicago area) with the International Society of Appraisers. Thankfully, one can visit the Chicago. Art Institute while there… a huge benefit to anyone, but especially to people connected to the Arts.

Individualized service is available by appointment

We will come to your home or office. Your works of Art will never leave your site!

Initial Review of Your Art Collection

  • Selection of pieces to be appraised [those expected to Appraise for more than $1500, image only, not the framing or base]
  • Acquisition interview [how, when and where the Art works were acquired]
  • Explanation and estimate of time and costs involved in researching Artists, works, and establishing authenticity.

As a collector, please be aware:

  • A current documented Appraisal of your Fine Art positions you for full value insurance reimbursement in the event of loss; otherwise, your homeowner’s policy or renter’s coverage limits loss to a flat rate.
  • Professional Art Appraisal documentation also provides proof of value during any legal proceeding; without which, a work of Art’s value amounts to a matter of taste and emotional attachment—neither of which hold up well in court!
  • An Art Appraisal usually is good for a limited number of years, generally 5 years; subsequently an updated appraisal [at a discounted cost to you] is important to reflect market fluctuation.

Appraisal Document Delivery

  • Signed original on parchment paper with Coronado Appraisal, LLC Seal delivered in person, providing for you a much longer delivery interview during which we cover all your concerns and all your questions.
  • Clearly stated (not legalize) cover letters.
  1. If you are planning to sell.
  2. If you are planning a Charitable Contribution.
  3. If you are planning to pass forward to your heirs in a fair minded manner.
  4. Probate documents if you are inheriting from your parents.
  5. Claims office documents or previous to a LOSS, which is far preferable, a cover letter to your Insurance Agent.
  6. OR; cover letter to your Attorney in Bankruptcy and Divorce action cases.

I wanted to send you a message to tell you how much I appreciate your help with my art appraisal! I have never done an appraisal before and did some research on line for local appraisers. What first struck me about your site was you gave alot of information to your customers (more than I saw on any other appraiser site) and it was very obvious to me that you truly like helping people, so I chose you. When I first contacted you about doing an appraisal you were very quick to reply and so friendly and personable, you made me feel at ease about venturing into this foreign land of appraisals. We set up an appointment and when I first met you it was like meeting a family member. You are so knowledgable and I knew that I was in good hands. The appraisal you gave was very detailed, professional, and you explained everything to me in a way I could understand. …….. You are an asset to the art world and I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you again for all of your help and guidance!!!
~Tracy, San Diego

Contact Ms.Greek brings an impressive knowledge and dedication to her vocation. The expertise and professionalism she conveyed really put me at ease. I would highly recommend using Ninya’s services.
~ Sincerely, William H.

Knowledge is power. Through your hard work and diligence you have empowered us to make some decisions and put in place some long term planning regarding the value of some very specific images. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication for us in this endeavor. We now have an excellent contact in art valuation that we would not hesitate to recommend. Best to you!
~ Robert W.

In the process of having an inherited lithograph re-framed properly, I was introduced to Ninya in order to have the piece appraised. She struck me immediately as someone who loved art and loved the process of appraising art. In our very first meeting, the information she gave me about the artist and the piece showed her breadth of knowledge which she then supplemented with the findings of her research at our second meeting. Ninya is nothing if not professional, thorough, and prompt–not to mention enthusiastic and spirited!
~ Betsy P.