Open Letter to Gallery Owners:

Loving your employment as you do in the Art Industry, you surely need to have Fine Art appraised many times a year, with various clients coming to you for professional services. They may seek your advice when faced with Divorce Action, Financial and Estate Planning or Probate Settlement. Occasionally, the need for professional art Appraisal arises even in Bankruptcy cases. Collectors rely on you for recommendations concerning their investment in art. Most importantly, you hold the key to developing the careers of artists you represent.

I am one of a few Accredited Art Appraisers in the United States. Staying current with all accreditation requirements is a priority for me. For nineteen years, I have worked with Galleries all over eleven Western States, as well as in my original location, Anchorage, Alaska, where I had my own gallery. For eighteen years, I enjoyed a career in the insurance industry and as a financial planner, which adds to my “insider” expertise. I definitely understand the requirements of properly “listing” fine arts holdings on insurance policies. All too often, truly valuable assets are lost simply because collectors do not know how to fully protect the art they own. I think you would agree that emerging artists seldom adequately document the value of their own work.

May I help? I would like to send you a free Gallery package of my materials to assist in the process of educating potential clients about the cost benefits of art appraisal.

  • My Art Appraisal business cards & brochures.
  • Business cards, brochures, and my latest book, your desk copy, which includes information (No charge): TO NEED OR NOT TO NEED An Appraisal; chapter #8 of Well Hung Art, the book.
  • Book review by a major periodical in the Art Industry: InformArt.

In addition, I would be happy to supply the following: All of the above, plus several books to have on hand for clients. (Six books is the norm for Galleries and gives you a wholesale price @ $6.75 ea.) If you like, for an additional $10.00, I will include an attractive book stand, which sits handsomely on any desk or shelf—deep red metal filigree, electroplated so as not to chip, ever. See the picture.

You may, of course, phone my office to order indicating the materials you would like mailed to you, USPS media rate.

Or ~ we can wait until your Gallery sends me your first Art Appraisal referral, and I will bring these materials along to a meeting with you and our client at your location. Or ~ I can go directly to the clients, at their convenience, to view their works of Art. I want to make sure I appreciate you financially, which is why I offer pay you a commission, once the job has been completed. My first hour of consultation, by phone, is free. I will chat long enough with clients to make sure they and I both agree there is actually a need for an appraisal, before I suggest spending their money.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration of my petition for your business. I know I can be helpful to you. I am quite at ease working with Galleries; I understand our clients’ requirements for absolute privacy.

Sincerely, Ninya Lee Greek